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The Rights to Land Use

By Patrick Bell MA Ed, Carol John
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"Should predators that enter the communities of humans be killed or should accomodations be made to protect the natural environment of these predators?"

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Understandings and Standards

Core Understandings
  • Human encroachment into the natural habitats of predators has caused conflict between the safety of people moving into the habitat and the natural hunting instincts of predators currently living in the habitat.
  • Students gain perspective by comparing/contrasting human/animal point of view.
Learning Objectives
  • Students investigate the importance of balance between human land use and habitat use of predators in the environment.
  • Students incorporate aspects of English (writing Hiakus) into a science curriculum.
  • Students use technology as a vehicle for expressing what they have learned.
California Content Standards
English and Language Arts
Grade Six
ELA.6.1.0. Writing Strategies
Organization and Focus
ELA.6.1.1. Choose the form of writing (e.g., personal letter, letter to the editor, review, poem, report, narrative) that best suits the intended purpose.
Biology/Life Sciences (9-12)
BIO.9-12.6. Stability in an ecosystem is a balance between competing effects.
BIO.9-12.6.a. Students know biodiversity is the sum total of different kinds of organisms and is affected by alterations of habitats.
BIO.9-12.6.b. Students know how to analyze changes in an ecosystem resulting from changes in climate, human activity, introduction of nonnative species, or changes in population size.