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Understandings and Standards

Florida Sunshine State Standards
Health Education
Health Literacy
Standard 1. The student comprehends concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention.
HE-3-5-A.1.1. The student understands the functions of human body systems.
HE-3-5-A.1.2. The student knows how personal health behaviors influence individual well-being.
HE-3-5-A.1.4. The student understands how the family influences personal health.
HE-3-5-A.1.9. The student knows why illegal drugs should not be used and the consequences of their use.
Responsible Health Behavior
Standard 1. The student knows health-enhancing behaviors and how to reduce health risks.
HE-3-5-B.1.2. The student compares behaviors that are safe to those that are risky or harmful.
Standard 3. The student knows how to use effective interpersonal communication skills that enhance health.
HE-3-5-B.3.6. The student knows refusal and negotiation to use in potentially harmful or dangerous situations (e.g., refusing to use illegal drugs).
Advocate and Promote Healthy Living
Standard 1. The student knows how to use goal-setting and decision-making skills which enhance health.
HE-3-5-C.1.1. The student knows how to apply a decision-making process to health issues and problems (e.g., decision not to use tobacco products).
HE-3-5-C.1.3. The student knows various methods for predicting outcomes of positive health decisions (e.g., life expectancy).
Standard 2. The student knows how to advocate for personal, family, and community health.
HE-3-5-C.2.2. The student knows ways to effectively express feelings and opinions on health issues.
HE-3-5-C.2.4. The student knows how to positively influence others to make positive choices.