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Food Webs and Food Chains

By Patsy
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"Where do animals and plants get their energy from?"

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1: Introduction

Part One - Prior Knowledge
Use the instructional strategy, KWL, to find out what the students know about food chains and ecosystems.  On the chalkboard, make two lists: "What We Know" and "What We Learned".  Before the teacher starts the lesson, ...

2: Art Project
The students will create their own food web.  They will use numerous materials including construction paper, glue, scissors, and markers/crayons to create their web.  They will draw their own animals and plants, as well as be required to place themselves ...

3: Creative Writing

The students will imagine a world where spiders have disappeared.  They will have to write a one page short story about the impact on an ecoystem that has lost its spiders.  The goal is to have the students think about immediate consequences ...

4: Student Assessment

Part One - Informal Assessment

The teacher will once again get the class involved in a group discussion by asking them what they learned about food chains and ecosystems.  After the responses are written under the heading "What We Learned," the class ...