Teacher Guide for an "Inquiry Leading to Understanding" Project

Water and Ancient India

By Sharon Thomas
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"Why did the people of Ancient India settle where they did?"

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Activity 1: Prior Knowledge About Water In Ancient Civilizations
Teacher will brainstorm with students what they already know about Ancient India. Building on what we have learned about the importance of water and how it affected other ancient civilizations, as a class we will use the KWHL Strategy template in Inspiration to ...

Activity 2: Ancient India Geographical Exploration
Small group discussions will take place for students to share ideas about why India is located where it is and other pertinent information that we have already learned regarding the permanent settlement of certain groups of people throughout history.

Activity 3: Explorations Into Ancient India
Students should search various websites using the web link "Ancient India Library". Some websites can be previously bookmarked by teacher on classroom computers, and studetns can also find some sites on their own.
We will plan at least two walking field tri...

Activity 4: Analyze FIndings
Students will go back to original question to answer it with their research.

Students will also organize their findings in a chart labeled: relevant/irrelevant. Then they use the relevant information to answer the essential question.

Students will then u...

Activity 5: Map and Outline of Ancient India
From their research, students will create a set of notes in their journals and create an outline.

Create a one dimensional map of water and landforms from Ancient India.

Activity 6: Produce Final Product
Students will make a 3-D topography landforms based on the maps they created.
Students should label the different levels of landforms and show their relation to the various forms of water.

Activity 7: Oral Reporting
Students will present their findings by making an oral presentation to the class or they can create a video reporting their findings on how water affected Ancient India's civilization and present that to the class.

Student will also use their 3-D topographi...

Activity 8: Reflection
Students answer questions on reflections worksheet.

Peer feedback following their presentations.

Activity 9: Making A real World Connection
Class discussion to answer the following questions:
What do people need to survive in any one place indefinitely? (vegetation, crops, natural resources, domestic animals, etc.)
Why is water an essential element for human survival today? (travel, health, and ...