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Water and Ancient India

By Sharon Thomas
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"Why did the people of Ancient India settle where they did?"

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Ancient India Geographical Exploration

Instructional Time: 2 hours a day for 1 day each week for 3 weeks.

Small group discussions will take place for students to share ideas about why India is located where it is and other pertinent information that we have already learned regarding the permanent settlement of certain groups of people throughout history.
Looking at the essential question,"Why did the people of Ancient India settle where they did?," the whole class will create a list of questions to research as we travel through information gained from their year long Social Science journals (this project will take place towards the end of the school year), Internet, library and textbooks. Teacher will write questions on a chart paper to post in the classroom.
Students will be divided into groups of four and be given the task to choose two or three related questions from the main list of questions the whole class created and using the 'Research Planning Worksheet,'will write their questions down to begin their research.

California Content Standards
History and Social Science
Grade Six. World History and Geography: Ancient Civilizations
HSS.6.5. Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the early civilizations of India.
HSS.6.5.1. Locate and describe the major river system and discuss the physical setting that sup-ported the rise of this civilization.

1.Ancient India and Importance of Waterother

Method of Checking for Understanding:
Observations, Student Work