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Comparing US History to Ancient Civilizations

By Melissa Taylor-Salvador
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"How did the development of the United States compare with the development of ancient civilizations?"

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1: Choose Your Sources
During library time students will choose one book about their subject and research topic. Students must have at least one book in addition to their internet sources.

2: SSR
Students will silently read and take notes about their topic.

3: Compare and Contrast
Students will answer questions about their topics and will compare and contrast historical concepts. 1. What are some differences between the historical concepts? 2. What are some similarities between the topics? 3. What did the United States ...

4: Rough Draft
Students will begin writing their three page rough draft and will work collaboratively to combine their sources, comparisons, contradictions, and practice their writing skills.

5: Final Draft
Students will complete their final drafts on the computers and will take turns typing their essays. Other students will begin working on their visuals in centers and all will rotate positions.

6: PowerPoint and Visuals
While working on the final drafts, students will work collaboratively in groups to accomplish their tasks and complete their PowerPoint presentations. Students will also work on their visual aids. Futhermore, students will look at grading rubric and make sur...