Teacher Guide for a "Unit of Practice" Project

Making A Difference

By Mary Limbach
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"Why are some people considered heros?"


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Task 1: Commanding the Keyboarding
Students will receive instruction and practice using important keys on the keyboard: open, copy, cut, paste, save, and quit.

The teacher opens by telling the students they are asked to create a calendar of heros to use in order to encourage others to be con...

Task 2: Moving Between Fields
The students will learn to toggle between the Appleworks and Internet fields. In addition, students will also learn to copy pictures.

The instructor will use the LCD projector in the lab to point out to students where the Finder Menu is located. Next th...

Task 3: Introduction to Virtual Note Cards
Students will be introduced and given an opportunity to develop virtual note cards using Appleworks and the Internet.

Begin by reviewing what students have learned thus far. Then open the file titled, virtualanimal.cwk, which is a pre-developed note card...

Task 4: Who Is A Hero?
In this task, students will begin the thought process regarding the traits that make someone a hero. This activity can be conducted in either the classroom or lab.

To begin, students are shown a Power Point presentation about heroic figures from all differ...

Task 5: Searching for a Hero
Students will use the questions they created as a class in the previous task as a springboard for researching a website to find an individual who meets the hero criteria.

The instructor will introduce students to the hero web site and explain how to proceed...

Task 6: Hero Composition & Presentation
Students will transfer notes from the Hero Virtual Note Cards into complete sentences forming a brief paragraph. The paragraph will explain why the individual they chose is a hero and how they met the criteria.

Using a Power Writing graphic organizer, the ...