Teacher Guide for a "Unit of Practice" Project

Making A Difference

By Mary Limbach
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"Why are some people considered heros?"


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Commanding the Keyboarding

Instructional Time: 30 minutes a day for 2 days

Students will receive instruction and practice using important keys on the keyboard: open, copy, cut, paste, save, and quit.

The teacher opens by telling the students they are asked to create a calendar of heros to use in order to encourage others to be contribute to their communities. To do so, the students must know how to do certain functions on the keyboard.

Using a large poster, the teacher introduces the students to the command key and copy, cut, & paste functions. First, students will practice the motions of command + c, command + v, and command + x in the air several times.

Next the teacher will have students go through the process of opening the Practice Sheet created in Appleworks. Each student will already have a Practice Sheet saved in their name. The Practice Sheet includes lists, sentences, and full stories that are used for students to practice the copy, cut & paste process.

The teacher models each section of the Practice Sheets and allows students to practice. There are sections for students to work "on their own".

After these keys are taught, students will learn the command+s (save), command+q (quit), command+r (new record).

Kenosha Unified School District Academic Content Standards
Instructional Technology
Grade K-2
Basic Operation and Concepts
IT.K-2.1. Demonstrates knowledge of basic instructional technology concepts and operations.
IT.K-2.1.B. Uses basic computer terminology (e.g., disk, software, hardware, startup/shut down, cursor, CD-ROM drive and disk).
IT.K-2.1.F. Opens and quits an application.
IT.K-2.1.G. Saves and backs up files to a disk, hard drive or file server.
Productivity Tools
IT.K-2.2. Knows the value of keyboarding and demonstrates its proper use.
IT.K-2.2.A. Masters mouse functions (e.g., point, click, hold, drag).
IT.K-2.2.D. Locates and describes the use of special function keys (e.g., caps lock, arrow keys, shift, command, control, option, tab).

1.Practice Worksheetotherpractice.cwk
2.Practice Worksheetotherpractice.cwk

Method of Checking for Understanding: