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By Mary Limbach
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Moving Between Fields

Instructional Time: 30 minutes a day for 2 days

The students will learn to toggle between the Appleworks and Internet fields. In addition, students will also learn to copy pictures.

The instructor will use the LCD projector in the lab to point out to students where the Finder Menu is located. Next the instructor will model how to open up Appleworks. Students will then preceed to do the same. The instructor will model opening up the Internet and again, students will do the same. The instructor will demonstrate how students use the Finder Menu to clarify which field they are in as well as select a different field. Following the instructor's command, students will toggle back and forth seveal times between Appleworks and the Internet.

The students will then be instructed to open a practice sheet related to moving between fields. Each student will have a copy of the practice sheet saved under his/her name. On the practice sheet entitled - Fields, students will link onto a website that consists of clipart. Also on the practice sheet will be directions for the types of pictures the students should copy from the site.

The teacher will model how to copy an image and bring it from the Internet to the Appleworks practice document. Students will then work on section 2. Again, additional sections are provided for students to continue to work through at their own pace.

Kenosha Unified School District Academic Content Standards
Language Arts/English
Grade 2
Listening and Speaking
ELA.2.6. Uses listening and viewing strategies in a variety of situations to gain information and
ELA.2.6.C. Follows multiple-step oral directions.
Information Literacy
Grade 2
Information Seeking
IL.2.3. Knows how to locate sources and find information within those sources.
IL.2.3.E. Uses print and electronic resources.
IL.2.3.F. Knows that the Internet is a source of information and means of communication.
Instructional Technology
Grade K-2
Productivity Tools
IT.K-2.2. Knows the value of keyboarding and demonstrates its proper use.
IT.K-2.2.A. Masters mouse functions (e.g., point, click, hold, drag).
IT.K-2.3. Knows how to use productivity software to organize, create and manipulate information.
IT.K-2.3.H. Uses a prepared database to search for specific information.
Social, Ethical, and Human Issues
IT.K-2.6. Understands ethical uses of technology.
IT.K-2.6.A. Demonstrates respect for the computer work of others.

1.Copying Between FieldsHandoutHardware:

2.Winter Clip ArtWeb SiteHardware:
Internet Access

Method of Checking for Understanding: