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By Mary Limbach
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Introduction to Virtual Note Cards

Instructional Time: 2 hours a day for 2 days each week for 2 weeks.

Students will be introduced and given an opportunity to develop virtual note cards using Appleworks and the Internet.

Begin by reviewing what students have learned thus far. Then open the file titled, virtualanimal.cwk, which is a pre-developed note card. The card contains an information and picture box, three questions (one on each card), and an Internet address on the first note card.

Explain aspects of the note card such as moving between cards, creating a new card, using the tab key to identify fields.

Next open the Internet and explain that students will obtain information and pictures from a predetermined site and copy them onto the virtual note card. A recommended website is provided on the first note card. Students will copy the Internet address from the first note card and place it on the address line in the Internet. Then press return to begin connecting to the address.

Read over the questions with the class. Model how by toggling between the internet and Appleworks, the students will find the phrase(s) that answer the questions, copy those sentence, and paste them on the appropriate note card. In addition, the process for copying a picture will also be reviewed so students may obtain a picture for each fact.

Students will then open their virtual card file which also contains the address for the website students will conduct their search on. Students will be directed to copy the address, return to the Internet, and paste the address. Once both Appleworks and the Internet are open, students will toggle between the two collecting pictures and information.

Following the search, but before closing, students will be instructed to initialize each note card for printing purposes.

Once students complete the first three note cards they may add additional note cards and questions. Upon completion, the students will print their virtual note cards.

Kenosha Unified School District Academic Content Standards
Language Arts/English
Grade 2
Listening and Speaking
ELA.2.6. Uses listening and viewing strategies in a variety of situations to gain information and
ELA.2.6.C. Follows multiple-step oral directions.
Information Literacy
Grade 2
Information Seeking
IL.2.3. Knows how to locate sources and find information within those sources.
IL.2.3.E. Uses print and electronic resources.
IL.2.3.F. Knows that the Internet is a source of information and means of communication.
Evaluate and Interpret
IL.2.5. Knows how to record, organize and interpret selected information.
IL.2.5.A. Uses information to answer a question or inquiry.
Instructional Technology
Grade K-2
Productivity Tools
IT.K-2.3. Knows how to use productivity software to organize, create and manipulate information.
IT.K-2.3.H. Uses a prepared database to search for specific information.
Research and Communication Tools
IT.K-2.5. Knows how to use technology to access and transmit information.
IT.K-2.5.A. Knows computers can be used for accessing information.
IT.K-2.5.C. Knows that the Internet is a source of information and a means of communication.
Social, Ethical, and Human Issues
IT.K-2.6. Understands ethical uses of technology.
IT.K-2.6.A. Demonstrates respect for the computer work of others.

1.Virtual NotecardsotherHardware:
Internet Access

2.San Diego Zoo Research SiteWeb SiteHardware:
Internet Access

Method of Checking for Understanding:
Observations, Student Work