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Teacher Guide for a "Unit of Practice" Project

Fun, Sun, and Hurricanes?

By Sandra Baird
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"How does the climate and geography affect the way people live and work in the Southeast?"


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Life in Florida

Instructional Time: 45 minutes

Fourth grade students at Grewenow Elementary in Kenosha, WI will take part in a video conference with elementary students in Orlando Florida.
The conference will enable students to learn about the climate and geography of each area. They will also find out how the climate and geography affect the lives of people in each area.
The teachers exchange possible questions as a guide for the conference by e-mail previous to the video conferencing. The class would brainstorm to come up with a possible list of questions that they might want to ask the class from Florida.
An example of possible questions is: What is the temperature today? What is the normal high and low for this time of year? Does it ever snow there? If so, what is the biggest snow fall that you ever remember? How does the climate affect the way people live and work there? Does the climate enable you to do certain sports in your area that people in a different region might not be able to do? Do you ever have hurricanes or tornadoes where you live? How does this affect you daily life? Does your area have specific jobs there that we might not have in our area?
Students will reflect on the video conference. A reflection sheet will be provided so that students can compare the climate and geography and their affects on the lives of those people in Wisconsin with those in Florida.

Kenosha Unified School District Academic Content Standards
Social Studies
Grade 4
SS.4.22.2. Understands the patterns and networks of economic interdependence on Earth's surface.
SS.4.22.2.A. Knows the factors that are important in the location of economic activities.
SS.4.23.2. Understands how human actions modify the physical environment.
SS.4.23.2.A. Knows the ways people alter the physical environment (e.g., creating irrigation projects).
SS.4.23.3. Understands how physical systems affect human systems.
SS.4.23.3.A. Understands how humans adapt to variations in the physical environment and climate (e.g., choices of clothing, housing, agriculture, recreation, and food).
Information Literacy
Grade 4
Evaluate and Interpret
IL.4.5. Knows how to record, organize and interpret selected information.
IL.4.5.D. Draws conclusions based on the information gathered.

1.Video Conference with Florida SchoolotherHardware:
TV Connected to Computer
2.Video Conference Reflection HandoutHandoutHardware:


Method of Checking for Understanding:
Observations, Written Reflection