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Teacher Guide for a "Unit of Practice" Project

Fun, Sun, and Hurricanes?

By Sandra Baird
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"How does the climate and geography affect the way people live and work in the Southeast?"


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Come Visit Our State

Instructional Time: 50 minutes a day for 5 days each week for 2 weeks.

Students will work together in 6 groups to create a 2 minute iMovie for each state.
Each group will be assigned their two target states that they researched while doing the database.
The group's task is to create an iMovie that will sell tourism for their state. They will create a fun movie that will make people eager to come and visit that state.
Information that was obtained in the database will be used as background information for the iMovie.

Tasks for creating the imovie will be described and assigned by the teacher. The teacher will select a camera person, grip, actors, and script writers.
The teacher will act as the director to coordinate the movie. The teacher will also edit the iMovie.

Kenosha Unified School District Academic Content Standards
Information Literacy
Grade 4
Information Seeking
IL.4.1. Knows how to define the problem and identify the information need.
IL.4.1.A. Recognizes situations where information is needed to resolve a specific problem or question.
IL.4.1.C. Determines what additional information is neede.
Evaluate and Interpret
IL.4.5. Knows how to record, organize and interpret selected information.
IL.4.5.D. Draws conclusions based on the information gathered.
Instructional Technology
Grade 3-5
Basic Operation and Concepts
IT.3-5.1. Demonstrates knowledge of basic instructional technology concepts and operations.
IT.3-5.1.B. Independently uses instructional hardware and software for class or personal use.
IT.3-5.1.C. Independently operates classroom media devices (e.g., laserdisc player, digital camera, and video
Planning, Producing, and Presenting
IT.3-5.4. Knows how to use technology to plan, produce and present a product.
IT.3-5.4.C. Uses a scanner, camcorder or digital camera to collect images to illustrate text or to insert into a slideshow.
IT.3-5.4.E. Creates and presents a short video program.

1.IMovie RubricWeb SiteHardware:
Internet Access

Method of Checking for Understanding:
Peer Review, Rubric/Checklist