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African-Americans Impact America

By Jeffrey Taylor
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"What impact have African-Americans had on American society?"

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Activity 1: Introduction
Teacher will show PowerPoint presentation on 50 Events That Changed Black America to help students develop schema.

Activity 2: Selection of research topic
The names of people and events from the slideshow have been put on pieces of paper and placed in a bag.
Students pull out a piece of paper and are assigned that person or event to research.

Activity 3: Writing the Paper
Students will research their person or event using the internet and library. (students should use at least three different sources of information for paper)
Students will use the writing process (brainstorming, rough draft, revising and editing, publishing)

Activity 4: Storyboard
Students will create a storyboard using the information from their essay.

Activity 5: PowerPoint slideshow
Students will create a PowerPoint presentation highlighting information from their research.

Activity 6: Oral Presentation
Students will deliver an oral presentation using PowerPoint slideshow and storyboard.