Teacher Guide for an "Inquiry Leading to Understanding" Project

Kidding Around California

By Cindy Richardson, Patricia Kephart
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"What gives a city its "aura" -- makes it feel special?"

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Activity 1: Meet your city
Students team up. Each team is given a sealed envelope containing map coordinants to their city.
One team at a time opens their envelope and comes up to the laminated map of California to mark their city with a watercolor marker. The team calls on classmate...

Activity 2: City Questions
Teacher introduces the concept that each city has a special feeling--a sense about it that attracts people. The teacher reads The City By the Bay, by Tricia Brown.
The class generates probing questions about cities using San Francisco as an example. Students...

Activity 3: Research that City
Teacher gives mini lesson on doing research covering the various resources available. Teacher reviews essential question (what makes your city feel special?) and subsidiary questions (location, specialties, important things) to keep research focused.

Activity 4: City Facts
Students organize their file cards by the question it answers.
Teacher distributes a chart called "Sorting Findings" to filter out irrelevant information for each of the three questions. Students write answers to the questions using the relevant informatio...

Activity 5: Kidding Around PowerPoint
Each team fills out a project proposal for a POV Powerpoint presentation on their city from a kid's perspective. Conferences with teacher over proposals.
Teacher gives mini lesson on basic presentation structure: introduction, development, conclusion, cred...

Activity 6: PowerPoint CA Cities
The teacher reviews PowerPoint with class.
The teacher conducts a lesson in the computer lab on how to create slides using the PowerPoint software and shares the example Powerpoint: Kidding Around San Francisco.
The teacher outlines the expectations of the ...

Activity 7: Traveling Around California Cities
As part of Open House, students will invite their parent's to an evening presentation: Kidding Around California Cities. Students will make a five minute powerpoint presentation following a presentation rubric.

Activity 8: Reflection and Assessment
In their journal entries, ask students to reflect on what they learned about the cities of California. Did the presentations inspire them to make plans for a visit? How did it effect their parents?
Each group creates one test question about their city. These ...

Activity 9: Travel Booklet
Students print out their PowerPoint presentations in stoyrboard format. These are compiled together to create a Kidding Around California Cities travel booklet. Students will create a cover using art materials. Each student will have their own copy.