Teacher Guide for an "Inquiry Leading to Understanding" Project

Kidding Around California

By Cindy Richardson, Patricia Kephart
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"What gives a city its "aura" -- makes it feel special?"

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Meet your city

Instructional Time: 45 minutes

Students team up. Each team is given a sealed envelope containing map coordinants to their city.
One team at a time opens their envelope and comes up to the laminated map of California to mark their city with a watercolor marker. The team calls on classmates with silent hands and share what they know about that city.
The cities are:, San Francisco, San Jose/Palo Alto, Oakland/Berkeley, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Los Angeles, Anaheim (Orange County),Monterey, Santa Cruz, Fresno, Redding, Eureka, Napa/Sonoma/Valejo, Palm Springs, South Lake Tahoe.
When all 15 cities are introduced the teacher describes the Kidding Around California Cities travel book project.

California Content Standards
History and Social Science
Grade Four. California: A Changing State
HSS.4.1. Students demonstrate an understanding of the physical and human geographic features that define places and regions in California.
HSS.4.1.1. Explain and use the coordinate grid system of latitude and longitude to determine the absolute locations of places in California and on Earth.

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