Teacher Guide for an "Inquiry Leading to Understanding" Project

Kidding Around California

By Cindy Richardson, Patricia Kephart
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"What gives a city its "aura" -- makes it feel special?"

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Traveling Around California Cities

Instructional Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes a day for 1 day

As part of Open House, students will invite their parent's to an evening presentation: Kidding Around California Cities. Students will make a five minute powerpoint presentation following a presentation rubric.

California Content Standards
English and Language Arts
Grade Four
Listening and Speaking
ELA.4.1.0. Listening and Speaking Strategies
Organization and Delivery of Oral Communication
ELA.4.1.5. Present effective introductions and conclusions that guide and inform the listener's understanding of important ideas and evidence.
ELA.4.2.0. Speaking Applications (Genres and Their Characteristics)
ELA.4.2.2. Make informational presentations:
a. Frame a key question.
b. Include facts and details that help listeners to focus.
c. Incorporate more than one source of information (e.g., speakers, books, newspapers, television or radio reports).

1.Oral Presentation RubricHandout
2.Powerpoint presentationMultimedia PresentationHardware:
LCD Projection Device

Microsoft Office

Method of Checking for Understanding: