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Coral Reefs: Animals Never Found in a Zoo

By Michelle Chang
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"Why are coral reefs dying? What can you do to stop their murder?"

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Activity 1: Introduction
Coral reefs are one of the richest ecosystems on earth. About 4,000 species of fish and 800 species of corals call coral reefs their home. Reefs cover only a small percentage of the ocean's area but they provide home to one-third of all the fish in the ocean ...

Activity 2: What Is A Coral Reef?

Activity 3: What is Killing Coral Reefs?
Now that you are an expert on coral reefs, you will take on the role of a scientist and research what is killing coral reefs. Research these websites to learn all you can about threats to coral reefs. From your research, you will find the answers to these que...

Activity 4: What Can You Do To Conserve Coral Reefs?
Your research has paid off. You are now ready to use all that you have learned to figure out ways that you can save the coral reefs of our planet. Study these websites to help you come up with ways that you can help conserve coral reefs. Answer the followin...

Activity 5: How Can You Teach Others About Saving Coral Reefs?
You are now a super coral reef conservationist! Share your knowledge with others by choosing one of the following activities.

1. Make a poster about saving coral reefs and present it to another classroom.

2. Prepare an oral presentation to share in an...