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Environmental Concerns in the Community

By Mary Howland, Beth Fensterwald, Steven Caringella
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"How do we become aware of local environmental concerns and what can we do to make a difference?"

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Activity 1: Sharing Information about Ourselves
Students will make individual web pages using Think.com. In the web pages they will share information about their interests, hobbies, and what they hope to accomplish by completing this project. After all the web sites are finished, students will visit at lea...

Activity 2: Let's Write Some Poetry about Rivers
By the end of this activity students will have written one poem where a river is the main image. The activity begins by the teacher reading aloud a poem about a river. The students then will look at about 15 pictures of rivers. They will be asked to write 1...

Activity 3: Writing Articles for the Water Resources Gazette
In this activity the class is divided into teams of about five students. Each team of students is going to produce a mini-newspaper that can be shared with the other students in the class and with students in other classrooms. Each team can choose a specific...

Activity 4: A Watershed of our Own
The Guadalupe Creek and its Watershed

Everyone lives within a watershed, but few people know what one is. The Bay area of California has multiple watersheds. But as we walk along a beautiful Bay area creek, often we're unaware of its source, where its waters ...

Activity 5: There's Air in That Water?
The Guadalupe Creek flows through San Jose near our school. During the school year, Pioneer High School students teach our 4th graders how to do water quality measurement testing on this creek and they collect important data that is published on the BioSITE pa...

Activity 6: Becoming a Water Scientist
Professional water scientists monitor the health of creeks and rivers by conducting water-quality testing similar to the tests our BioSITE students conduct on Guadalupe Creek. This activity addresses that in four parts. First, students will read an article onl...

Activity 7: Research Into Environmental Concerns in Our Community
Before conducting research into the environmental concerns facing their community, the students will complete an activity that will simply help them become aware of what concerns and issues are facing their community. To do this, they will take home a workshe...

Activity 8: Persuasive Essays
Zanker students will be writing persuasive essays using the factual information found in their research and conclusions they have drawn about what the research says about the environment. The persuasive essays will be used as the basis for the public service ...

Activity 9: Public Service Announcements
Zanker students will use the position regarding environmental concerns stated in their persuasive essays as the basis for public service announcements that they will create using a digital video camera, and video editing software.

Although students each wro...