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Chocolate Covered Learning

By Sonja Rogers, Susan Hall
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"How has chocolate evolved from the Mayans and Aztecs to a present day treat?"

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Activity 1: The History of Chocolate
Students will create a timeline using the Timeliner program to illustrate key historical events in the creation of chocolate by the Mayas and Aztecs along with the importation of chocolate to Europe and the role chocolate plays in our culture.

Activity 2: Charting the growth of the Cacao plant
Students will create a poster using computer images to produce a Cacao plant growth illustration.

Activity 3: Creating A Chocolate Business
Students will work together as a team to produce a chocolate product to sell. Students will create packaging, advertisements and business plans.

Activity 4: Chocolate Literature
Students will read literary works which revolve around the topic of chocolate. Students will participate in reading and writing activities as they reflect upon the chocolate literature they are reading.