Teacher Guide for an "Inquiry Leading to Understanding" Project

PowerPoint Biography

By Kristi Rzepiejewski
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"How have people from the past or present positively influenced or changed the growth, culture, and/or people of the United States?"

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Activity 1: Arousing Interest / Discovering New Information
Day 1
1) Journal Entry: Think of someone great. Write freely about this person.
2) Read and Discuss "Eleanor Roosevelt" - Biography from Literature and Language textbook.
Day 2
3) Journal Entry: Make two lists: One of people who have influenced your own...

Activity 2: Selecting a Topic
Day 3
Topic Selection
1) Select a topic from 100 People Who Changed America.
2) Contemplate the question: How has this person positively influenced or changed the growth, culture, and/or people of the United States?
3) Brainstorm additional questions ab...

Activity 3: Researching Topic
Days 4 & 5
1) Conduct research in the computer lab using the
- Need to find and use at least 3 different websites
(document URLs).
- Complete Organizing Power note-taking sheets while

Activity 4: Analyzing Information
Day 6
1) Share Organizing Power sheets with a partner.
- Read researched information aloud to another student.
- Offer suggestions/ask questions.
2) Evaluate Information
- Is info interesting?
- Does info explain how the individual infl...

Activity 5: Designing the PowerPoint
Day 6
1) Design a plan for PowerPoint Biography.
- Organize reseached data and arrange in logical order.
- Include examples of both graphics and text for each slide.
- Give reminders of plagiarism.
**Design must be approved by teacher before stud...

Activity 6: Constructing a PowerPoint Biography
Day 7
1) PowerPoint Tips
- Discuss what not to do and what to do
- Show examples of positive and negative qualities of
2) Begin constructing PowerPoint Biography in computer lab.
Days 8 & 9
1) Continue construction of PowerPoint ...

Activity 7: Presenting PowerPoint Biography
Day 11
1) Prepare for presentations.
- Discuss what to do and what to avoid while presenting PowerPoint Biography. (Eye-contact, speak loudly & clearly, speak to audience - not computer, etc.)
2) Begin presentations.
Days 12 & 13
1) Continue presenta...

Activity 8: Gaining Knowledge
Days 11, 12 & 13
1) Complete Biography Facts Sheet while viewing presentations.

Activity 9: Reflecting on Influence/Change
Day 14
1) Journal Entry: Throughout the past three days, you have been exposed to numerous individuals who have influenced/changed the United States in various ways. What could you do in your own life to create influence/change?
2) Optional journal sharing ...