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Integrating Technology into the Classroom

By Linda Ullah
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Great Resources

Instructional Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Find some good resources for your project.  You can do a Google or Yahoo search or you can begin with these sites. Be sure to add these sites to your Trackstar Track.

Mulitple Content Areas

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators

SCORE (Schools of California Online Resources for Educators)

Marco Polo

Linda Ullah's iKeepBookmarks file


Podcasting Web Resource List

Exploring Podcasts in Secondary Education

iPods in Education

Social Studies

Digital History

Portals of the World

American Memories Collection (Library of Congress)

Global Project Based Learning Web Resource List

Peter Menzel's Photos

Freedom--A History of the U. S.

Eye Witness History

4th-6th Grade Social Studies Resources


The Math Forum

Math Links for Everyone

King’s Online Math Activities

The Art of Problem Solving

K-12 Statistics Education

SCORE Probablity and Statistics Resources

Math Forum Data Analysis and Probability Lessons

Manipula Math with Java

Interactive Math Activities

Math, Physics, Engineering Applets

Math, Physics Flash Tutorials

Pixel2Life: Math/Physics Flash Tutorials

Language Arts/English

Language Arts Mini Lessons

Language Arts Lesson Plans

Language Arts Lesson Plans and Resources

SCORE Literature CyberGuides

SCORE Cyberguide for The Crucible

Spark Notes: The Crucible and McCarthism Message Board

Shakespeare Online

Absolute Shakespeare

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet


Digital Library for Earth Systems Education

National Digital Science Library

Ultmate Science Fair Resources

The Physics Classroom

Mr. Fizzix Physics

Math, Physics Flash Tutorials

High School Chemistry Resources on the Web

Biology Lesson Plans

Biology Resouces

Science Niche

Biology Curriculum Links

The Pictorial Periodic Table

Web Elements Periodic Table

ChemicalElements.com Periodic Table

Chemicool Periodic Table

Visions Learning: The Periodic Table of Elements

Los Alamos Periodic Table for K-12 Students

Math, Physics, Engineering Applets

Pixel to Life Math/Physics Tutorials

Amazing Aquatic Adventures (a 2nd, 3rd and 5th Grade Collaborative Project)

Sea Life

Ask Jake, the Sea Dog about Sea Animals

Treasures of the Sea Online Crossword Puzzles

Biomes of the World

Foreign Language

High School Foreign Language Resources

Foreign Language Links

K-12 Foreign Language

Psychology, Study and Test Taking Skills

Test Taking Tips

Study Guides and Strategies

Note Taking Tips

Test Taking Skills (Austin Community College)

Study Guides and Test Taking Strategies

Survival Strategies for Test Taking

Test Taking Strategies

Links to Test Taking Tips

Multiple Choice Test (with a great graph chart to display the results)

Teaching to the Seven Multiple Intelligences

Online Multiple Intelligence Tests

Multiple Intelligence Lesson Plans and Considerations

Physical Education and Health

P.E. and Health Center

Physical Education Links


National Art Gallery--High School Programs

Incredible Art Department Lesson Plans



High School Music Links