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Integrating Technology into the Classroom

By Linda Ullah
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Content Standards

Instructional Time: 20 minutes

Determine what standards are met by your lesson or unit.  Here are some links to standards:

California State Department of Education Content Standards PDF Files

SCORE (CA Content Standards with projects, units, lessons and curriculum) for Language Arts, Social Studies/History, Science and Math

List just the exact standards your lesson or unit will meet.

California SB2042 Induction Standards
Standard 16. Using Technology to Support Student Learning
Each participating teacher builds upon the knowledge, skills, and abilities acquired during preliminary preparation for the delivery of comprehensive, specialized use of appropriate computer-based technology to facilitate the teaching and learning processes. Each participating teacher is a fluent, critical user of technology, able to provide a relevant education and to prepare his/her students to be life-long learners in an information-based, interactive society. Each participating teacher makes appropriate and efficient use of software applications and related media to access and evaluate information, analyze and solve problems, and communicate ideas in order to maximize the instructional process. Such use of technology supports teaching and learning regardless of individual learning style, socioeconomic background, culture, ethnicity, or geographic location. Each participating teacher integrates these technology-related tools int the educational experience of students, including those with special needs.

Method of Checking for Understanding:
Observations, Student Work