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Integrating Technology into the Classroom

By Linda Ullah
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Create a WebQuest

Instructional Time: 30 minutes

1.  Search Bernie Dodge’s WebQuest site for existing Web Quests  (Click on Find WebQuests link) similar to your lesson or project.  You can adapt one for your needs if you find one.  Create a Trackstar Track for any WebQuests you think you might want to use or adapt during the school year.  (not necessarily for this unit or lesson).

2. Tak a look at the Building Blocks of a WebQuest.  Use these as a guide for creating your WebQuest.

3. You have the choice of 2 online WebQuest Templates.

QuestGarden 1.0

The first if free.  It is QuestGarden on the WebQuest Site
Go to the WebQuest site and click on QuestGarden, or click on the QuestGarden link.  This is Phase 1 of a new online WebQuest tool.  It still may have glitches that cause crashes.  To get started: Fill out the online form to set up your account. 
You can choose your template style.

.  The second is Teacher Web Go to TeacherWeb.  You can open a trial account.  Trial accounts are good for 30 days.  To keep your account, you’ll need to pay $27 for a year.

If you select TeacherWeb:  Select the WebQuest Template

4.  Read Bernie Dodge’s Building Blocks of a WebQuest.  Use this a a guide to changing your unit or lesson into a WebQuest for your Students. 

5. Create your WebQuest (based on the unit or lesson you are modifying) using the TeacherWeb WebQuest Template.  Remember to update and include your TrackStar activity in your WebQuest. 

Method of Checking for Understanding:
Observations, Student Work