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Integrating Technology into the Classroom

By Linda Ullah
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Create a Scavenger Hunt

Instructional Time: 30 minutes

Think about the lesson or unit you shared with us that you want to turn into a technology enriched lesson or project. 

Open your MS Word document for this lesson or unit and create 3-5 good essential questions to engage your students in learning.  To do this:

1.  Take a look at the Questioning Toolkit.
  • Scroll down and look at the various types of questions.
  • Select the appropriate question type(s) for your lesson or unit
2.  Take a look at the upper order thinking skills (Bloom’s Taxonomy) of analysis, sythesis and evaluation.

3.  Consider what you want your students to learn or be able to do as a result of your scavenger hunt. 

4.  Draft your questions.  Share them with a partner and get feedback.  If you ar giving feedback ask clarity questions to help your partner clearly articulate what  his/her students learning outcomes from this activity will be. 

5.  Go to the next link (Great Resources) and explore the resources looking for web sites that will help your students answer your essential questions.

6.  Reformulate your questions as specific tasks. 

7.  Go to Your Trackstar track. 
  • Log In.
  • Give your track a title and description.
  • Select Workheet for the type.
  • Enter the subject and grade level.
  • Click NEXT
  • Enter the title and URL for one of your web site.
  • Where it says ANNOTATION, write (or copy and paste) the activity based on your essential question.  Make sure the directions are clear and encourage you students to think and not ust parrot back information.  The students should use the information in some way that supports learning.
  • You will do this for each of your 3-5 activities
  • When done click FINISH
  • Make a note of your track number so you can use your scavenger hunt with students.

Open the TrackStar Track you set up yesterday.