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Integrating Technology into the Classroom

By Linda Ullah
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Some Free Tools

Instructional Time: 30 minutes

Below are some free and web-based tools to consider.  Explore one (that you are not currently familiar with) and be prepared to tell us what you learned about it, and how it could be used either professionally or for a classroom.

Blogger:  Free, easy to use Blogging site

Blogmeister:  Password protected Blogging site set up just for schools

Freemind: Free mindmapping tool

Delicious: Bookmarking site that allows for bookmarks to be crossreferenced

Tapped In: Online professional development community

Think.com:  Free password protected web space for classrooms

PBWiki: Free collaboration editing and publishing space.

YahooGroups: free listserv, calendar, place to upload files and pictures

QuestGarden:  Bernie Dodge’s (SDSU) Web Quest building tool

Not so free: But not overwhelmingly costly

Teacher Web:  Free 30 trial then there is a small annual fee--Web page building tool for teachers

My eCoach: Online professional development tool.  Has builders to create projects, activities, web resource lists, etc., search online education elibrary, wiki, blog, chat, threaded discussions, message center (internal email), etc. Small fee for first year, then free to educators who continue to use it regularly.  Good for group and team collaborations.