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Integrating Technology into the Classroom

By Linda Ullah
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Classroom Management

Instructional Time: 20 minutes

How you manage your lesson or unit will depend on:
  • the size of your class
  • the age of your students
  • your and your studentsí comfort and expertise with using technology
  • the amount of time you have to teach the lesson or unit
  • how many computers you have available, where the computers are located and the time you have for your students to work with the computers
In all cases it is critical that you scaffold your lesson or unit into "bite sized" chunks that lead to the final learning outcome. 

Think about the layout of classroom, or how you want  your classroom to be laid out. Will your students be in clusters or rows.  How many computers (networked) will be available in your room, on a shared laptop cart, in the computer lab?  Do your students have computers at home? 

Survey your students to determine their knowledge and comfort level with using computers for research, word processing, graphics, multimedia production.  Find out who the "experts" are in your class who can help others.  You might partner an expert with a novice. 

Set up a system when working with computers that each student must ask two other students for help BEFORE asking the teacher.

For primary teachers think about having an upper grade buddy class that can help your students with the technology use.

Make sure you have all Web Resources bookmarked and available for your students.  Give clear instructions about the task(s) to be accomplished with clear and firm timelines.

Make sure your students understand how their work/learning will be assessed.

Monitor student progress at all stages of the project with due dates/times for each component of the lesson or unit,  checklists, quizzes, journal entries, etc.  Make sure there are no surprises at the end.

Take a look at this site on classroom management.

You might also want to download this pdf to help you organize your curriculum interms of the Gagne's Events of Instruction.

Method of Checking for Understanding:
Observations, Student Work