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By Kristy Garcia
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"What makes something newsworthy and why is it important to engage with current/community events?"

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1: Podcast introduction
Brainstorm about what the class already knows about podcasts, and create a list for reference. Listen to and watch various podcasts as a class and list the similar components the podcasts have. Discuss the purpose behind the podcast and how it fits into the ...

2: Podcast evaluation
In small groups, students will choose 2 video and 2 audio podcasts to listen to and evaluate. Students will fill out the "What’s in a Podcast?" handout and discuss the podcasts as a large group when they are done. 

This can also be done in a large class ...

3: Podcast rubric
Given what they know about podcasts and journalism formats, students will create a description of what makes an A podcast, a B podcast, etc. Students will use the Podcasting Checklist to draft their descriptions, and the class will discuss which criteria ...

4: Creating podcast topics
Here are a few ways to create podcast topics.  One of the main things to stress is that the topic must be substantial and interesting, since students should be covering something that their peers or the general public would be interested in, even if their ...

5: Preliminary Podcasting
Regardless of which podcast students decide to do, the first step is to organize their ideas.  Students will use the Podcast Planning Worksheet to organize their podcast and to determine which information they need to gather as they create their podcast. 


6: Podcast worktime
Once students have completed the podcast outline sheet, students will begin working on their podcast.   Students will have time to research their topic and create interview questions for each of the sources. (If students are not familiar with appropr...

7: Podcast scriptwriting
As a pair, students will create the podcast content, sharing their research and interview results and using the Podcast Script Outline sheet. They will decide which material is best for the podcast, using the same criteria they use when they write stories. 


8: Podcast recording
Using GarageBand and the Snowball microphone, students will record and edit their podcasts, keeping them within the time limit. Students will also be able to use the iPod microphones to record information, which can then be imported into GarageBand. This ...

9: Student reflection
Students will reflect on their podcast experience in a self-evaluation activity where they will respond to these questions: Podcast reflection questions.  These reflections can be used before starting future podcasting experiences as well. 

10: Profile Podcast Examples
Student Examples:

As part of my Beginning Journalism class for the 2006-2007 school year, my students participated in the profile podcast activities. Here are student samples of the profile podcasts:

Beth and Jeff garageband: Beth and Jeff discusses family life ...

11: CUE presentation
Podcasting Powerpoint
Here is the powerpoint presentation I gave at the 2007 CUE conference in Palm Springs. Feel free to look through it.