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The Problem With Problem Solving

By Jessica Smith
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"How do mathematicians communicate their ideas to each other and to the public? If math is just numbers and symbols, how can we talk about math?"

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Technology Skills

Instructional Time: 30 minutes a day for 4 days each week for 6 weeks.

After students have demonstrated mastery on the problem solving strategies, there are a series of technology lessons geared toward the final iMovie product.  The three software programs utilized are  MS Word, iPhoto, and iMovie.

In Word, students create one-page documents that are saved as pdfs into the iPhoto library.  For this task they must transfer their paper and pencil work into a word-processed format.  This requires instruction in changing page margins, font size, highlighting, and the use of tables.  Specific skills are modeled via the computer projector and students working on the same problem collaborate and help each other.

In iPhoto, students create an album entitled problem solving.  All of the pdfs are stored in that album for later use in the iMovie media drawer.

An iMovie sample is shown several times in order to emphasize the purpose and audience of the final product.  A brief overview of iMovie is given and then students use the subscription based Atomiclearning.com tutorial series to learn about the different features of iMovie.

Students work together to edit their movies, revise their scripts, and polish the final product.  In addition to the software skills, students draw upon past experience using laptop computers, and the school server.  A solid understanding of keyboard shortcuts, and desktop navigation is helpful for this project.

Atomic Learning

Method of Checking for Understanding: