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Teacher Guide for a "Unit of Practice" Project

Fun, Sun, and Hurricanes?

By Sandra Baird
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"How does the climate and geography affect the way people live and work in the Southeast?"


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Students will work together in 6 small groups as we develop an understanding of the six elements of geography. Students will work to create a timeline on Timeliner that shows the popluation growth of their assigned state. After creating the fields as a group, students will then create a four record database on the Southeast region of the United States. Next students will be divided into 6 groups that represent the states of the Southeast region. Each group will use the information from the databases to create a 2-minute iMovie on their states. Students will have the opportunity to interact with a class from Florida through distance learning technology. They will be able to share their ideas about their regions and the way that climate affects the way people live and work. Letter writing instruction will be provided so that the students will be able to write a persuasive letter to their parents. The culminating activity is to plan a trip to Orlando to visit Disneyworld.


This project will include collaboration with:
• Students to Students
• Another Teacher
• Another Classroom