Teacher Guide for a "Unit of Practice" Project

Making A Difference

By Mary Limbach
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"Why are some people considered heros?"


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Both the classroom and computer lab will be used for this project. The keyboarding instruction will be conducted in the computer lab with students working independently. Several large posters that identify the important keys students will use are posted. Students will also use the computer lab to conduct their Internet search. During the research phase, students will work independently to practice the technology skills as well as complete the research for the project. Brainstorming activities about "what makes a hero" will occur in the classroom using a laptop computer and LCD projector. The teacher will primarily direct this activity as well as type the responses. The students will work in small groups to discuss ideas for the class web. The second task students will perform in the classroom is taking their notes from the virtual note cards and rewriting them into sentences using a Power Writing outline. Students will publish their writing by typing independently in the computer lab. Partner editing will be used to refine writing prior to publishing in the lab.

Time to Complete Project:
3 hours a day
for 2 days each week for 8 weeks.