Teacher Guide for a "Unit of Practice" Project

Making A Difference

By Mary Limbach
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"Why are some people considered heros?"


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Since this is most students first exposure to virtual note cards, a research project , and certain keyboarding skills, a checklist and rubric are used to mark completion of five major activities. For each activity an assessment of effort is also recorded. The five categories were: keyboarding skills, Internet searching, virtual note cards, published piece of writing, and presentation. For the presentation, students practiced their published pieces in order to share them with other classes. The checklist of activities is posted and students are aware of the expectations.

Commanding the KeyboardingObservations
Introduction to Virtual Note CardsStudent Work, Observations
Moving Between FieldsObservations
Who Is A Hero?Observations
Searching for a HeroStudent Work, Observations
Hero Composition & PresentationPeer Review, Rubric/Checklist, Student Work, Observations