Teacher Guide for a "Unit of Practice" Project

Making A Difference

By Mary Limbach
Meet the Author

"Why are some people considered heros?"


 Standards and
Learning Objectives






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Student Guide

Commanding the Keyboarding
You will need:
1.Practice Worksheet - other
2.Practice Worksheet - other

Moving Between Fields
You will need:
1.Copying Between Fields - Handout
2.Winter Clip Art - Web Site

Introduction to Virtual Note Cards
You will need:
1.Virtual Notecards - other
2.San Diego Zoo Research Site - Web Site

Who Is A Hero?
You will need:
1.Hero Handout - Handout
2.Hero Note Cards - other
3.What is a Hero? Web - Work Sample
4.Hero Power Point Presentation - Video Presentation

Searching for a Hero
You will need:
1.Hero Research Site - Web Site
2.Hero Virtual Notecards - other

Hero Composition & Presentation
You will need:
1.Class Assessment Form - other
2.Individual Assessment Form - other
3.Power Writing Organizer - Handout