Teacher Guide for an "Inquiry Leading to Understanding" Project

Kidding Around California

By Cindy Richardson, Patricia Kephart
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"What gives a city its "aura" -- makes it feel special?"

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Student Guide

Meet your city
You will need:
1.California state map - other
2.coordinate envelope - Handout

City Questions
You will need:
1.Inspiration - other
2.How to develop subsidiary questions - Handout
3.The City by the Bay, by Tricia Brown - Book

Research that City
You will need:
1.Library books - Book
2.Note Taking Tips - Handout

City Facts
You will need:
1.Citation Machine - Web Site
2.Sorting Findings - Handout

Kidding Around PowerPoint
You will need:
1.PowerPoint - Video Presentation
2.Project Proposal - Handout
3.PowerPoint story board - Handout
4.Web resource page CA cities - Web Site
5.Storyboard - Handout

PowerPoint CA Cities
You will need:
1.San Francisco Power Point - Video Presentation
2.Powerpoint - other
3.Projection - Multimedia Presentation

Traveling Around California Cities
You will need:
1.Oral Presentation Rubric - Handout
2.Powerpoint presentation - Multimedia Presentation

Reflection and Assessment
You will need:
1.Personal Journal - other
2.Student generated test - Handout
3.CA map - other

Travel Booklet
You will need:
1.Printer & Copier - other
2.Bibliography - other