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The Rights to Land Use

By Patrick Bell MA Ed, Carol John
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"Should predators that enter the communities of humans be killed or should accomodations be made to protect the natural environment of these predators?"

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Student Guide

Human/Predator conflict
Use the websites below to gather information on what the issues are: predators killing livestock, predators killing pets, entering neighborhoods, attacks on humans etc.
You will need:
1.Coyotes and other Wildlife - Web Site
2.Coexisting with Coyotes - Web Site
3.Preventing and Resolving Coyote Conflict - Web Site
4.Mountain Lions and California State Park - Web Site
6. How to Survive an Encounter With a Moun - Web Site

Different predators, livestock, people (images)

Haikus about Human vs. Predator
Basic Haiku poetry format is three lines of poetry which follow a 5-7-5 syllabic pattern.
  • Most Haikus deal with topics concerning nature and/or emotions. However, it is okay to be creative and go outside these boundaries.
  • Read samples of Haiku poems from the website below.
  • Write four of your own Haikus: two from a predator point of view and two from a human point of view. These are to be typed later and included in your semester portfolio.
  • Share your Haikus voluntarily for participation points.
You will need:
1.How to Write Haikus - Web Site

Presentations to match Haikus
Take your completed haikus and images and develop them into a slide show presentation. The presentation can be completed using iMovie, iPhoto, Powerpoint, etc.