Teacher Guide for an "Inquiry Leading to Understanding" Project

PowerPoint Biography

By Kristi Rzepiejewski
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"How have people from the past or present positively influenced or changed the growth, culture, and/or people of the United States?"

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 Student Guide

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Student Guide

Arousing Interest / Discovering New Information
You will need:
1.Cover of 100 People Who Changed America - Book
2.Scavenger Hunt Questionnaire - Handout
3.Eleanor Roosevelt Biography - Book

Selecting a Topic
You will need:
1.100 People Who Changed America - Book

Researching Topic
You will need:
1.Organizing Power - Pg. 1 - Handout
2.Organizing Power - Pg. 2 - Handout

Analyzing Information

Designing the PowerPoint
You will need:
1.PowerPoint Biography Design - Handout

Constructing a PowerPoint Biography
You will need:
1.PowerPoint Tips - Transparencies
2.Revise/Edit Checklist - Handout

Presenting PowerPoint Biography
You will need:
1.Influential American Biography Rubric - other
2.Student Sample: Muhammad Ali - Multimedia Presentation
3.Student Sample: Oprah Winfrey - Multimedia Presentation

Gaining Knowledge
You will need:
1.Biography Facts Sheet - Handout

Reflecting on Influence/Change