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Food Webs and Food Chains

By Patsy
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"Where do animals and plants get their energy from?"

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San Francisco, CA 
My Philosophy
Have fun, be creative, and use affirmations instead of discipline.
My Community
I live in Russian Hill, on Vallejo and Polk. It is mostly bars and restaurants (most of them are way too expensive to actually eat in) with a Real Foods that is host to lots of cute hipster boys. Lots of hills and babies and no parking. But just down a few blocks are the cooler night spots and my favorite place, The Bigfoot Lodge.
My Environment
I am in the multiple subject credential program at SFSU. It is a year long course with an intensive summer session. Beginning in the fall, we will begin our student teaching. I will be in the second grade at Yick Wo.
My Roles and Responsibilities
I am a cocktail waitress at Bimbo's 365, a club in North Beach that has tons of awesome shows. I just quit my job at Nordstrom (yikes!!) to go to school full time. My goal is to be the best educator that I can by showering my students in love and knowledge.