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Teacher Guide for a "Unit of Practice" Project

Fun, Sun, and Hurricanes?

By Sandra Baird
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"How does the climate and geography affect the way people live and work in the Southeast?"


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Meet the Author

Sandra Baird

Salem, WI 



Resource Specialist
English/Language Arts
History/Social Science
K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
My Philosophy
As teachers we should empower our students with those skills that will enable them to succeed in life. It is our responsibility as educators to provide meaningful opportunities for our students. I feel that all students are special and that most will excel if given the opportunity to learn in a way that is meaningful to them.
My Community
The school is located in the middle of a quiet neighborhood. Most of our students walk to school. We have only one bus that comes to the school. Our school is located a few blocks from Lake Michigan. A hospital is only a few blocks away, as well as numerous churches and businesses. Family life is important to this community. Learning and education are also important to the people of our community. The city has several libraries and museums near our school.
My Environment
"Grewenow School-A Great Place to Learn" The families value education and the staff strives to provide an education for all students. The parents are very involved in the education of their children. Grewenow has a staff of 18 regular ed. teachers. The school has about 350 students in grades k-5. The school also has a preschool program. This is a GREAT PLACE to be!
My Roles and Responsibilities
As the resource teacher at Grewenow I have numerous responsibilities including such things as: working with small groups of students, working in the classroom with teachers, team teaching with teachers, assisting the principal, conducting inservices, serving on the staffing committee, and testing.