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African-Americans Impact America

By Jeffrey Taylor
Meet the Author

"What impact have African-Americans had on American society?"

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Meet the Author

Jeffrey Taylor

Oakland, CA 

Frick Middle School

Oakland Unified School District

English/Language Arts
History/Social Science
6, 7, 8
My Philosophy
"Education by any means necessary!" Whatever it takes to educate my students I am willing to do. Money is no object. If I have to spend my own money to make learning easier for my students, I think of it as an investment.
My Community
Lowell Middle School is located in the heart of West Oakland. West Oakland is five minutes away from beautiful downtown Oakland.
My Environment
Lowell Middle School has approximately 520 students (70% African-American, 20% Latino, 4% Arabic, 4% Asian, 1% Caucasian, 1% Other). We have a 21st Century after-school program.
My Roles and Responsibilities
I am a sixth-grade English/Social Science core teacher. I have an average of 35 students in both of my cores. I also teach a Language Arts Enrichment class that has 38 students. All the students in my classes are reading at the 35 percentile level. My teaching pedagogy is project based.