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Coral Reefs: Animals Never Found in a Zoo

By Michelle Chang
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"Why are coral reefs dying? What can you do to stop their murder?"

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Meet the Author

Michelle Chang

San Francisco, CA 


Home Economics
My Philosophy
Educators need to have high expectations and believe that ALL children can learn. We need to find fun ways of teaching children to ensure that they learn what they need to in order to be successful adults.
My Community
I am currently an administrative intern in the San Francisco Unified School District. During this school year, I am working in a high performing elementary school in the Sunset District of San Francisco.
My Environment
There are approximately 470 students in my school and 25 teachers. My school has a lot of resources. We have grants that supplement the curriculum and provide extra programs, we have a strong PTA that raises a lot of money, and we ALWAYS have parents when we need them.
My Roles and Responsibilities
This year, I am an administrative intern. I do not have my own classroom and am concentrating on learning all I can to be a successful school administrator next year.