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The Rights to Land Use

By Patrick Bell MA Ed, Carol John
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"Should predators that enter the communities of humans be killed or should accomodations be made to protect the natural environment of these predators?"

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Meet the Authors

Patrick Bell MA Ed


University of Nevada, Reno

University Faculty
Instructional Designer
My Philosophy
I believe in a student centered approach to teaching. I use technology in teaching not only as an instructional delivery medium, but as a method for my students to express what they have learned using multiple technological approaches. I find that student retention of knowledge is greatly enhanced when they are allowed to create and present what they have learned using a combination of images, video, music, and text. The learning becomes more real to them when they can apply it within the context of the local, national, and global community.
My Community
I live in the high-desert community of Reno, Nevada in the Sierra foothills. I recently moved from the widely varied, multi-cultural community of San Francisco to return the place of my birth. I love the wide open, wild sky of the Sierras, the surrounding mountain peaks, and the nearly year round sunshine. The knowledge and skills I have gained from living, working, and completing my Masters Degree in the Bay Area has greatly enhanced my learning experience as I continue my education to the PhD level at the University of Nevada.
My Environment
I am currently a PhD candidate in the Counseling and Educational Psychology program at the University of Nevada and am majoring in Information Technology in Education.
My Roles and Responsibilities
I have been awarded a full-time Graduate Assistantship position in which I teach and conduct educational research. My interest is in the design, development, and implementation of online courses. I am currently teaching a completely web-based upper division course in Educational Psychology.

Carol John

Newark, CA 
My Philosophy
People's learning styles vary, and so do their interests in what they wish to learn. Despite these differences, teachers must reach out to their students and ensure that the students are learning. Definitely a challenge, but a rewarding experience.