Teacher Guide for an "Inquiry Leading to Understanding" Project

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By Kristi Rzepiejewski
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"How have people from the past or present positively influenced or changed the growth, culture, and/or people of the United States?"

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Meet the Author

Kristi Rzepiejewski

Mondovi, WI 

Mondovi Middle School


English/Language Arts
Foreign Language
6, 7
My Philosophy
Education is an on-going process. All students possess necessary capabilites required within the school setting. Teachers engage student learning and encourage instances of success.
My Community
Mondovi is a pleasant community of about 2,500 people. Its people are friendly and value their school.
My Environment
Mondovi is a 1-12 district. I teach in the middle school, grades 6-8. We have about 20 teachers and about 80-90 students per grade.
My Roles and Responsibilities
I teach four sections of 7th grade English and a section each of Exploratory Spanish for 6th and 7th graders. My largest class size is 25. Students, overall, want to succeed and are motivated to participate in various activities.