Let's Zoom to the Planets

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Lugenia Counce

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(NASA-GSFC), NASA. earth_from_space.jpg. 11.07.2002. Pics4Learning. 15 Apr 2007


Use these websites to explore information about the planets. Keep a journal of your travels. Collect all the information to become an expert on all the planets and be ready to present your favorite to the class.

    •A Virtual Journey into the Universe
Terrific Journey!
    •Astronomy for Kids--8 Planets
Find information about each planet here.
    •Children's Museum Field Guide to the planets
    •Kids Astronomy
Find out what you would weigh on each planet.
View your planet from another planet or from current space technology.
    •The Nine--ooops 8--Planets
Lots of information here.
    •The Solar System
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