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Incompetech. Free online graph paper.


The list below are resources for helping students understand coordinates. These sites are recommended by teachers.

    •Billy Bug and His All New Quest for Grub
Students will help guide Billy Bug through coordinates to some hidden grub. When they are successful, Billy Bug will be fed. This is a timed activity.
    •Welcome to Graph Mole
This is the easy version of Graph Mole, a fun little algebra game that teaches you how to plot points on a Cartesian coordinate.
    •SuperKids Educational Resources
Battleship online.
    •Primary Games
Battleship for primary students.
    •Grid and Bear It
Brand: McGraw-Hill Children's Publishing - Fearon Teaching Aids UPC: 725768110586 Grade: 1st - 3rd Item # FE-11058Students practice their listening skills while creating pictures with graphs. Combines art and math to help in following directions, reinforces left-right awareness, and helps gain an understanding of coordinate graphing.
    •Bar, Line and Picture Graph Coordinates
Great resource from Grain Valley RV School District with a lot of activities and online teaching units to assist students in developing concepts of graphing and coordinates.

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