The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Where do butterflies come from?

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Stennett S. Heaton California Academy of Sciences


Explore and discover what butterflies look like and where they come from.

Butterfly information
    •Children's Butterfly Site
Chick on the continents to find the butterflies that live there. Where do your favorite butterflies come from?
    •Tooter 4 Kids
Read about where butterflies come from
    •Where do Butterflies Come From?
Read about where butterflies come from and their life cycle. (We will make the butterfly later!)
Butterfly Pictures
    •Picture of Life Cycle
    • Philadelphia Reflections
Picture of Monarch Butterfly
Butterfly picture
Butterfly Videos
    •Emerging From the Chrysalis
Watch this short video of a butterfly coming out of a chrysalis.
    •Wildlife theater
Watch the swallow tail emerging from the chrysalis

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