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So, you have a brand new SMARTboard...take a look at these activites and resources that can be used for Math.

    •Fido's Mind Reader
Can you do the math and solve the puzzle?
    •ABC List for Graphing
An extensive list of things to graph with students.
    •Create a Graph
A quick and easy online graph creator.
    •Internet 4 Classrooms Excel Graph Directions
These are directions for using Excel to create graphs.
Math Games and Activities
    •The Broken Calculator
A great thinking game!! Solve Math problems with only a few working buttons.
    •Matching Pairs Multiplication
Use the sb for multiplication practice.
    •Bang on Time
Very popular time telling game that can be used on the sb.
    •Math Brain
Funbrain's Math Arcade, solve the puzzles to advance.
    •Billy Bug
Famous math activity for the sb that involves locating coordinates.
Another famous cooridinate locating game.
    •Math Magnets
Move the magnets around to form and solve math problems.
    •What Time is It?
Another "tap" time telling activity.
    •Sum Sense
Drag and drop numbers to complete number sentences.
    •Code Cracker
Look for number patterns in this "Mastermind" of a game.
Hmmmm, clever game of skill. Not sure how notable it is to math, although there are geometric shapes:)
    •Bug Splat
Add and reduce fractions in this timed experience.
Math Resources Online
    •A Maths Dictionary for Kids
A fun dictionary of terms used in the study of math.
    •NCTM Math Manipulatives
Manipulatives for students and teachers to use.
    •Math Playground
Here is the Math Playground. A place to find activites and fun games to use with students.
    •NCTM Illuminations
Lessons and activites from NCTM.
    •Math Fact Cafe
Printable and interactive fact sheets for math.
    •Shodor Interactive
Interactive lessons and ideas that promote math.
    •Problem of the Day
Sponsored by MathSURF, here are problems of the day that can be displayed on the sb for students to solve.
    •Rainforest Maths
Interactive activities for all types of math topics.
    •JC Schools Math PPTs
Tons of math ppts that you can download and view on the sb to help provide a visual or teach a concept.
    •TopMarks Interactive Whiteboard Resources
Activities for all subjects that are selected for usage on a sb.
SB Resources
    •Staying Current with Your SB
General resources for using a sb in the classroom
    •SMARTboards in the Elementary
Resources, sorted by subject area, for using sbs in the elementary.
    •Wikis and Blogs
A resource page for creating and using wikis and blogs.

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