Diversity isn't just for people

How does habitat destruction affect biodiversity?

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Xanat Gonzalez-Darson

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Gonzalez-Darson, Xanat, Pollution is habitat alteration, Baja California, January, 2007


These sites address different aspects of habitat destruction and how it affects biodiversity. Please read the information in all the websites, and then choose one to write a journal entry about. In your journal, tell me something you learned from the website, and if it will change the way you do anything in your day to day life. Don't forget to take the quiz!

    •Habitat destruction (Greenpeace)
This is a review of several examples of habitat destruction occuring in a variety of marine ecosystems.
    •California Floristic Province
Find out why california is considered a "hotspot" of habitat destruction.
    •Sea Otters at Risk
See how the california sea otter population is at risk due to habitat destruction.
    •5 dozen killer whales believed to be hunting salmon off S.F. coast
Killer whales' food, salmon, is disappearing due to habitat destruction. What are the whales doing about it? Read this article to find out.
    •Investigate Biodiversity
Take this quiz to find out your impact on biodiversity.

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