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Wikipedia - List of Ohlone Villages Entry


Click on each link below to start you learning about the Ohlone tribes. As you read through each website think about the questions below.

*Who were the Ohlone Indians and where did they live?
*How did their physical environment influence their daily life?
*How was life for the Ohlone Indians in the past different from my life today?

    •The Ohlone Indians - Oakland on the Move
Follow the links on this website to discover information about where and how the Ohlone lived. You will find specific information about the areas they lived in, and what they ate and wore.
    •The Ohlone Indians - City of Belmont
Read through the following article to discover more about the Ohlone's lifestyle, food and culture.
    •Ohlone Housing - Building a Shelter
Read through the following website to learn about the shelters that the Ohlone lived in and how and why they were constructed as so.

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