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We are going to be doing a lesson on apples. The lesson will begin with the teacher orally reading a story about apples (most likely Johnny Appleseed). Then we will discuss the story as a whole class. Students will then do art of the place, people, and things from the story. Then the students will identify the colors and shapes within their pictures.

Here is a list of websites that provide information about apples and creating apple lesson plans. They are full of color and contain many different ideas and activities for children.

    •Washington Apples Just for Kids
I will be using the coloring book section of this website. This will emphasize that apples can be different colors.
    •Virgina Apples Kids Corner
I will use the apple varieties section. This demonstrates the different colors and types of apples.
    •Alphabet Soup - Apple Activities
I will be using the Apple Art from this website. Completing the art will reemphasize the colors and shape of apples.
    •Additional Apples Sources
I will be using Section 8 of this website. It discusses Johnny Appleseed and lesson plans you can do with the book.
    •DLTK Apple Activities for Kids
I will be using "About Johnny Appleseed" and the "Johnny Appleseed" song.

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