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Individual letter sounds can be very difficult for young children. Making the sound that two consonants make together is ever more difficult. When two consonants make a special sound that does not necessarily correspond to their individual sound, that is called a consonant blend. So here are some activities to help students become aware of consonant blends.

Beyond the Lesson
    •IPA Phonetic Chart
A chart that shows all 44 phonemes in the English language. Something to further your personal and your students knowledge.
Classroom Activities
    •Consonant Blends
Activities that can be done in the classroom, posted by other teachers.
    •Free resources for teachers of young learners
Lots of activities to print out and share with your children. Some of the activities are for English learners.
    •Spelling it Right
Try your consonant blends knowledge with a little Hangman game!

|  Beyond the Lesson  |  Classroom Activities  |  Game  |

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