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Map Activities, Projects, and Concepts for Young Children

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Essential Map Concepts for Young Children.

These are fun ideas and information to help children develop the ability to read and understand maps.

Activities Article
    •The Environment as a Data Source: Map Activities for Young Children
Further listing of a great article written by David W. Van Cleaf on map projects for the classroom.
Approach Ideas
    •The Project Approach
Three wonderful articles on approach, on getting a first project started, and making sense of a location.
Games, Activities
    •Great Car Games
These three games can be modified for the classroom: using a map of the classroom, blue print layout of the school building, or a map of the school's surrounding neighborhood. It can also be used as a project map given for homework, such as having the child use a map that covers the area to home and school, whether by school bus or family car. Also to map family routes done on the weekend (elected by family choice). i.e.: grocery store, parent's job site, grandparent's home, etc. "Road Map", "Out My Window", and "Shapes and Colors".
Map Concepts
    •Essential Map Concepts for Young Children.
Some cool map concepts to use.
Mapping and Navigating the World
    •The Geometric World of Young Children
On this page scroll down to: "Mapping and Navigating the World". Young children learn to get around early-as all adults responsible for their care will agree. What, however, can they understand about place and movement mathematically? Some fun activities: "Where Are We?", "Which Way Is Up?", "What's Your Perspective?", "Can You Find It?".
More Play and Learning Activities
    •Geography 101 - activities for preparing young children to learn geography
Learning geography can be a lot of fun. One can easily put together a variety of play activities that make introducing this subject an enjoyable as well as enriching experience.
Online Map Games To Play
    •Essential Map Concepts for Young Children.
These are some great online map concept games for kids.

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